Monday, September 26, 2016

Game Day Birthday Party and Slow-Cooker Chili

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you! 

Thank-you for stopping by! 

I'm sure many of you are football fans
and here in Seattle our '12th man' fans
are legendary. 

The fans inside our football stadium
are so loud that they
actually register on seismographs 
used to monitor earthquakes in the region! 

My two sons always get season tickets
to our local football team, 
The Seattle Seahawks. 

For the season opener game, (which was 'away')
 my Daughter-in-law, Jen hosted a special birthday party for 
my youngest son, Dustin.

She did a wonderful job! Aren't these brownies so cute?

Hard to believe my youngest is now 34! 
He's still a big kid at heart, though!  

Here he is in his official 'man cave' upstairs,
where he shows his true loyalty as a fan. 

All things 'Seahawks' rule here!

Lucky enjoys hanging out with 'the boys'. 

His nickname is 'Big Chief'. 

This cat has personality plus, and 
nobody messes with him :) 

Helmet and football for impromptu 
touch football games. 

 Some favorite fan photos with family and friends .....
Dustin and Jen are in the middle photo :)

Skittles are a fan favorite. 

Of course, you must have a Seahawks cooler, too! 

A life-size wall decal of Russell Wilson, 
a 'bobble-head' doll and dollar bill! 

The game begins! 

I head back to neutral territory downstairs........

Dustin and Jen are newlyweds who have been 
working very hard to remodel their 1980's style home. 

They just installed beautiful new floors, painted the walls, 
and are having new trim and windows installed 
before remodeling their outdated kitchen. 

Big Chief looks out the new French doors
(minus trim) at the neighbor pup standing
on the bench with his head inside a bucket of
water :)

It's those little moments in life that 
truly make you smile. 

Dustin holds Big Chief while Jen looks on. 

He is showing me the new brick walkway that he 
just installed himself.......

And the woodshed he just built. 

Good job, Dustin! 

It's so gratifying to see your children
grow up to value home and family. 

I'll tell you, when they are teenagers
you sometimes have doubts. 
You just have to have faith........
and plenty of love :)

Jen made a delicious crock-pot chili 
for half-time. 
Her secret ingredients were green peppers
and mild chicken sausage. Yum!

I made some tiny cornbread muffins to go with. 

Here's a link for some Slow-Cooker Chili Favorites

The cake.....

Make a wish! 

Wishing you a wonderful year, my son! 

Opening gifts. 

Daughter-in-law, Erica takes sweet grandson, Ethan
for a stroll in his Russell Wilson jersey. 

I can't get enough of those chubby cheeks <3

Father and son, Gabe and Ethan, 
enjoy the game together. 

Both of my sons live in the same neighborhood
and are in the same profession - computers. 

Gabe is with Microsoft and Dustin runs his own business. 

I am glad that they are so close. 
When they were boys they fought
like cats and dogs :) 

Typical brothers.....

Son-in-law, and soon to be new Dad, Eric watches the game. 

The siblings...

Jennie, Gabe, Heather (soon to be new Mom) and Dustin. 
They are very close, not only in age, (5 years 
between eldest and youngest) but also in spirit. 

We are truly blessed. 


"Siblings: Children of the same parents, each of whom
is perfectly normal until they get together."
- Sam Levenson - 

"What can you do to promote world peace?
Go home and love your family."
- Mother Teresa -

"The strength of a nation derives
from the integrity of the home."
- Confucius -


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Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Country Drive with 'Good Fences'

On this first day of autumn, 
come along with me as we take a country drive 
near my home in Washington State.

Today I am joining Good Fences.
Come on over to see all the wonderful
fences and join in on the fun!

The fields are turning golden, 
the pumpkins are ripe, 
and the trees are just starting to turn. 

Tall grasses and the last of the sunflowers 
border a greenhouse nestled in the trees.

A lovely fence frames the view. 

A wild, unruly tree, laden with berries, bursts
like fireworks over a sturdy wire fence  

Wild, perennial sweet pea blooms in the cooler weather
alongside a decorative board fence.

The first sign of autumn in the woodlands
makes my heart sing.

Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Wild cherry brightens the edge of
a pasture with a rustic wire fence.

Cornfields shimmer beneath the majestic Cascade mountains.

Almost ready for harvest.

Birds flock together before their long flight south.

Sunflowers and hay bales are iconic symbols of fall.

Ponies graze nearby.

A lovely farm at the end of the season.
Brambles take over a section of fence.

A very pretty new horse barn.

A modern farmhouse takes
advantage of lovely views........

The view. 

Beautiful Mt. Rainier. 

Happy cattle enjoy the cool weather.

Teasel frames some pretty farms. 

This ramshackle farm at the base of a hill
glows in the late afternoon sun. 

Vintage barns weather another season.

 Pretty white fencing surrounds a northwest style home.

A small cottage gets a head start on Halloween :)

Tall grasses conceal barbed wire fencing
under pastel skies as daylight fades. 

And as the moon rises at the end of 
a beautiful day, we journey back to our foothills home.

Thank you for joining me, Dear Friends! 


And thank you, Dear Friends for all of your kind comments 
and well-wishes on my last post. 


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